Welcome To Picture That Image

Picture That Image products are all hand crafted from the initial thought, through design, capture and finally construction. This end to end creativity ensures the quality and uniqueness of the final products.  

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You can purchase many of our products through our on line shop so please take the time to browse through it before you leave.

Alternatively if you are interested in viewing our work then check out the events list page to see if we are coming to a show near you. We usually bring along 'one off' creations to these events as well as some of our more popular products, many at reduced prices. 

If you are coming to a future show and would like us to bring along a particular item for you to view then drop us an email and we will be pleased to help. Alternatively if you have already seen something at a show that you are interested in, but it is not available through the on line shop, then just let us know and we can arrange to supply it to you.
If you would like any more information please contact us via the Contacts page